Shared endeavours reduce the burden of education costs

Shared endeavours reduce the burden of education costs

CCI Giving created the Small Grants Program for the purpose of helping small organisations who want to make a big change. Endeavour Ministries Inc. supports young people in Victoria who are experiencing educational disadvantage because of the financial burden of paying for school equipment, uniforms, and elective school fees.

When parents struggle with affordability issues to do with education, students may become socially affected as well as educationally disadvantaged. Many secondary colleges require each Year 7 and Year 10 student to purchase their specified laptop at a cost of at least $1000. It’s a great strain for many families without sufficient income.

The charitable foundation’s Chair, Jeremy Yipp, is pleased the Small Grants Program will assist in the purchase of items for students such as laptops, and notes other important initiatives implemented by Endeavour Ministries.      

“Their overall project and daily work is vital to the wellbeing of young students who are most likely experiencing hardship in ways that other young people simply don’t understand. The grant will also assist in identifying young people with learning disabilities through psychological assessments, as well as providing help through tutoring. This support will help provide students with specific learning disabilities to have the extra help they need in school.”

CCI Giving’s grant helped 32 students to meet the cost of necessary books, uniforms and fees. When young people have access to the materials they need, they are more likely to engage in further education from specific training courses such as Motor Mechanics and Hairdressing, through to formal tertiary education.

“One student was the recipient of a well-earned sports scholarship to a Queensland school and needed to meet accommodation costs on arriving in the state.  These are the kinds of expenses that students face, and affordability issues can mean there is a great difference in outcomes for individuals.”

Jeremy sees longer term benefits for students who have the opportunity to engage fully in a school’s program.

“Endeavour Ministries is facilitating the best possible educational outcomes for young students and it’s our role as a charitable foundation to do what we can to help drive these initiatives. Wearing a uniform like other students at school is important for a child’s self-esteem, and their sense of belonging. We are fortunate to have organisations such as Endeavour Ministries who offer practical support to ensure children remain engaged with learning and that opportunities are the given to all students regardless of circumstances.”

CCI Giving’s Small Grants Program distributes up to $150,000 to eligible charities each year. Single grants of up to $5,000 can assist events or projects and up to $10,000 can support small capital works initiatives.

Applications for the next round of the CCI Giving Small Grants Program close 25 September 2020. Find out if you are eligible here, or subscribe to CCI Giving to stay up-to-date.