Small Grants helping children reach personal best

Small Grants helping children reach personal best

Small Grants helping children reach personal best   

CCI Giving is helping more organisations in need of funding, so they can support individuals or groups who are burdened by challenges to health, development, or wellbeing. The charitable foundation’s Director Jeremy Yipp oversees all of the programs, and monitors the Small Grants one closely because it assists some of our most disadvantaged communities.

“CCI has a Give Back strategy. It matters enormously to charities and communities who face new and unknown economic hardships in 2020. We’re very proud to provide an update on our ongoing support of community heroes, and those organisations who are making a difference to people in need.”

The Round 3 program has 14 recipients who are making a positive social impact to people who need support.

The range of social initiatives is broad, and funds will contribute towards providing refugee bursaries to ensure children can access education. It also supports people transitioning from refuge accommodation to private housing, and supports provisions of linen and laundry products, and kitchen and bathroom supplies.

“There is a need for asylum seeker assistance which is vital for those who have no income and no means of getting employment during the current pandemic,” says Jeremy.

“These people are simply not eligible for Centrelink payments, so they are especially vulnerable.”

St. Lucy’s School in NSW has put their funds towards a pool hoist to assist children with physical challenges to have swimming lessons. Those with mobility limitations now have safe access to the water and can enter and exit the pool without manual lifting by staff or volunteers.

“This is a fantastic outcome for the students and the staff who care for them. I’m very pleased that students at this school will no longer miss out on swimming classes because they are growing bigger,” he explains.

The school’s Principal David Raphael has emphasised the importance of water therapy in giving physical and mental benefits to students. He also describes great joy in seeing children experience the satisfaction of achieving something and gaining confidence in the water.

North Children’s Choir will receive support from the Small Grants Program, with assistance for singers aged 6 to 10 who participate in singing in Victoria.

CCI Giving continues to reach communities in remote areas. Southern Cross Kids’ Camps is building resilience in communities across the Kimberly in WA with an early-intervention respite program for indigenous children who are at risk of domestic violence. Importantly, the project provides a nutritious morning meal and light dinner for kids who may not have eaten.

“Nourishing children is a basic provision that allows them to better engage with activities,” explain Jeremy.

“This initiative supports communities of children from Fitzroy Crossing and across the Kimberly, and it’s a long-term commitment of 20 years or so. This kind of project will build trust over time and the work will hopefully have a deep social impact over years to come.”

CCI Giving Small Grants Program distributes up to $150,000 to eligible charities each year. Single grants of up to $5,000 can assist events or projects and up to $10,000 can support small capital works initiatives.

Applications for the next round of the CCI Giving Small Grants Program will open soon. Find out if you are eligible here, or subscribe to CCI Giving to stay up-to-date.