Collective Kindness launches Matched Grants

Collective Kindness launches Matched Grants

CCI has a new workplace giving program called Collective Kindness that has been launched alongside the CCI Giving Matched Grants Program.

Collective Kindness is a staff initiative that will raise money for selected charitable Program Partners.

CCI Giving Foundation Officer, Lauren Clair, describes the program as a cost effective way of fundraising for charitable entities, while the charities themselves receive low-cost, regular funds, access to valuable skills and benefit from strong partnerships.

“This has far-reaching implications for charities across the country. It also gives CCI and their staff a meaningful opportunity to contribute to positive change.”

“CCI expects this will have reputational benefits and energise our staff through a collective culture of working for a higher purpose. It’s a smarter, financially tax-effective manner of giving, and allows everyone to feel proud of what they can contribute through their work.”

Payroll giving is fundamental to the Collective Kindness program, allowing employees to donate money to one or more program partners via pre-tax payroll deductions. It supports an ongoing, stable source of income for charity Program Partners that helps them to focus on achieving their goals and delivering social change. The pre-tax status means staff receive an immediate tax deduction.

CCI’s workforce was delighted to be involved choosing Program Partners, and voting for the 2021-22 charities:

  • The Indigenous Literacy Foundation: a national charity dedicated to literacy development among indigenous people from more than 400 remote communities, supporting equal opportunity and choice for all children across Australia
  • The National Homeless Collective: a grassroots charity working on solutions to complex issues arising from homelessness, domestic violence, and social disadvantage, creating ‘Projects’ to help people living in crisis and distress
  • Friends with Dignity: a national not-for-profit charity helping families and individuals displaced by Domestic and Family Violence, supporting families to rebuild lives away from violence and trauma
  • Wellsprings for Women: offer services, support, and programs designed in consultation with and in response to the needs of women in Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia, supporting better education, employment, health and wellbeing, and promoting living safely and free of violence

Collective Kindness kick starts this March, along with CCI Giving’s Matched Grants Program. CCI Giving is matching all donations raised through the Collective Kindness effort up to $60,000 per year, doubling the impact to Program Partners.

In appreciation of staff taking part, CCI Giving promises to double the matched component of our payroll donations for staff who sign up during March, until 30 June 2021. This effectively triples funds received by program partners this year.