​About CCI Giving

CCI Giving is a new kind of foundation for the Australian Catholic community from Catholic Church Insurance (CCI).

Building on the shared knowledge and spirit that comes from over 100 years of insuring Catholic organisations, and a strong history of giving back to the Catholic community, CCI Giving is CCI's latest way of extending support to make a difference in the Australian community.

Through small and large grants, we’re helping Catholic organisations and others carrying out Catholic mission in Australia to make a positive impact.

​​Our mission and objectives

CCI Giving is committed to supporting grassroots initiatives across Australia’s Catholic community, and communities with a shared ethos, that empower the most vulnerable.

We seek out opportunities to address tangible, concrete needs through a mix of employee engagement activities and targeted philanthropic grants that fund into the gaps and invest in social enterprise to empower and scale local solutions.

CCI Giving builds on a longstanding history of ‘giving back’ to the community, and is inspired by the centuries-old Catholic tradition of compassion in action to support the most marginalised and under-served in our community.